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Aad HofmanAad Hofman (April 22, 1944) studied at the Vrije Academie in The Hague.

In 1974 he joined Gallery Mokum in Amsterdam, where he participates every year in summer and winter exhibitions.

Hofman’s paintings exhibit on several places throughout the year, including the pAn in Amsterdam. His work is also on permanent display at Gallery De Duig in Vlaardingen.

Art Revisited produces art cards and giclées of his work.

Aad’s work is in private collections in The Netherlands and abroad and in the ING- and the Mokum-collection.

– 15 jaar Nieuwe Realisten Mokum
– 20 jaar Nieuwe Realisten Mokum
– 30 jaar Realisten Mokum
– 40 jaar Mokum
– 50 jaar Mokum
– De Mokum Collectie

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